InCharge has created two modular energy supply systems that act as the perfect solution for providing permanent, mobile, or backup energy . Both of our solutions are suitable for use in on- and off-grid locations, anywhere in the world. All of our systems can be used with existing generator, grid, solar and wind renewable energy to create a reliable, scalable power supply for remote locations, relief situations, schools, clinics, and small businesses.

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Our revolutionary PowerCore, on their own or paired with our intelligent PowerBrain solution, makes use simple and suitable for mobile, modular, and permanent needs. All of our products can be charged from a variety of power sources, including solar power, wind power, common generators, and grid power, making them incredibly versatile in a variety of situations and locations.


The PowerBrain is your intelligent power hub and power management system. When connected to the PowerCore, it regulates power distribution to connected peripherals, providing 220V, and 2000W.

The PowerBrain can be used in residential, commercial but more importantly aid and disaster areas, where large power supplies are needed for flood lamps, computers, refrigeration, and medical equipment. When paired with several PowerCores, and another PowerBrain, the system can produce up to 4kW of power, giving you more power than you would receive from standard grid power.

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The PowerCore is your energy storage module, which can be hand carried and transferred to other locations easily. Each PowerCore has a storage capacity of up to 720Wh, can be recharged from any source of power production such as existing generator systems, solar power, wind, and grid energy where available, and recharges completely within 3-5 hours. Simply plug in devices and use.

The PowerCore can be used as standalone 12v power supply or in combination with a PowerBrain much like a standard generator, and can provide basic power to small buildings, such as rural huts where access to grid power is unavailable, small schoolrooms that need lights for studying, or mobile clinics that need modular power on the go.

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The PowerScout system has an automatic AC
switching device that switches from solar or battery power within 10 milliseconds when a disconnection from a power grid occurs. This means you will never experience power interruption, not even to computers. The PowerScout system can be combined with generator, grid, solar and wind power sources and programmed to switch between these energy sources for automatic recharging when grid power returns. No interaction necessary. Our unique in-house designed discharge software ensures that the management of the battery charge provides maximum life in combination with maximum output.

The PowerScout Fixed Wall Mounted system is best used as a power back up when grid power cuts out, or, as an energy storage solution for saving energy costs by coming off the grid during peak hours. This system provides a basic power supply for up to 6-12 hours when running on batteries only, but can be used as an off-grid alternative to grid energy when solar power is connected to the system. It is the perfect solution for an apartment, home, or a small to medium sized shop that can’t afford the financial impact of temporary blackouts. The system can also be used for mobile, off-grid locations that have the need for a permanent, fixed solution, such as an RV, a caravan or trailer, even a boat.

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The InCharge PowerCore, is the most advanced modular storage unit in the world. We’ve taken great care to create a portable, reliable, and safe product.

The Most Advanced Capabilities

InCharge products have the ability to charge 20%-40% faster than conventional alternatives, with excellent high current discharge abilities. The PowerCore, our modular storage unit, can also be 100% discharged and restored to full-rated capacity on a daily basis, with no risk to the PowerCore’s life, ensuring that you always have the right amount of power, when you need it.

Our products are also cost effective and long lasting, having an extended service life of up to 20 years at 25⁰C, with up to 6,000 charge/discharge cycles. Our products can also be stored for two years with no additional charging, simplifying your logistics. Our products are resistant to extreme environments, and can operate at temperatures from -40⁰C to +65⁰C and in wet and dry conditions to IP65 standards (rain/dust), meaning no matter where it’s needed, your InCharge product will function normally.

Safety Is Our Concern

But all these advances mean nothing if they aren’t safe. That’s why our products are made with up to 99% recyclable materials, contain zero toxic fluid, emit zero emissions, are non-corrosive, built to international environmental standards, and is CE Certified. This makes battery disposal in remote areas, if necessary, simple and safe. Our products also pose no risk of explosion unlike other alternatives. Our attention to safety has helped devise the only system given clearance for airfreight as a normal good, meaning it can get where it needs to be.



The InCharge PowerCore system is the only Mobile Uninterrupted Power Supply available on the market. Unlike conventional mobile systems, you can remove a PowerCore from the power supply stack and the system will still run, without any cut in the power supply. Unlike conventional generator systems, the PowerCore runs silently. This makes it the perfect solution for schools, clinics, apartments, homes, businesses, or anywhere else that needs a reliable power source.

Case Studies


A remote area has suffered severe flooding, and the people there need help. With no access to grid power, rescue and aid teams need a reliable source of power to provide lights in the surrounding huts, power equipment in the Red Cross pop-up clinic, and give the support team reliable communication throughout the disaster. Connecting several PowerCores together with the PowerBrain, the aid and rescue team has the ability to power the necessities, and provide support to the people in need.


A remote and secluded village has no access to a power grid. To generate power, villagers use candles, kerosene lamp, and generators to bring light to their homes and to cook meals. These solutions are polluting, expensive, and dangerous—last year, a kerosene lamp fell, setting three homes on fire. This year, the villagers can’t afford the price of the kerosene because last year’s bad crop failed to bring in the usual income. By replacing these energy sources with the InCharge system, the village now has regular, reliable, and safe energy for their home at a fraction of the price of fueling their old generators.


A new school has been set up in a village in South Africa. Children attending classes during the day are thrilled with what they’re learning, but there’s one problem—when the sun goes down, it’s too dark to read and study. Candles and kerosene lamps are too dangerous, and have already caused consuming and devastating fires in the village. The off-grid InCharge system is the solution. Connecting the PowerBrain and PowerCore together provides hours of power after sunset, giving the children a safe solution for continuing their education as well as charging computers, tablets, and phones. With cheap solar panels, the PowerCores will charge during the day when lighting is unnecessary.


off-grid system

Our off-grid system is an all-in-one solution for mobile, sustainable power supply—no matter the location. The PowerCore energy modules connect with the PowerBrain to create stackable and scalable power solutions for small to large energy needs.

The PowerCore energy modules act as an Energy Storage Bank, charging from a variety of energy sources. When fully charged, the PowerCore can provide energy to a variety of devices through the provided connectors. This off-grid solution is suitable for rural locations, as well as emergency and aid situations where grid power is not accessible.


The InCharge PowerCore system can be used as a scalable solar system, connecting standard 19-50v solar panels to the PowerCore. With the extension cord, the PowerCore can give easy access to high voltage energy. As your power needs grow, so can your system. Simply plug more PowerCores together, connect them to the PowerBrain, and access greater amounts of power. With parallel-connected AC systems, you can generate up to 4kW of output, which is more than what you can get from a standard wall socket in a grid-connected home.


Installing the product is a simple, three-step process. Connect the provided cables between the PowerCore and the PowerBrain. Once the cables are properly connected, flip the on/off switch to activate the PowerBrain. You will receive power in less than 320 seconds



Small-scale solution

Our off-grid PowerCore system is modular and mobile for use in a variety of situations and areas where grid power is not available, replacing dependency on fuel generators for a safer, cheaper energy solution. When one PowerCore is combined with one solar panel and one AC inverter you can receive up to six hours of energy a day.

Large-scale solution

The PowerCore system can be run parallel to create a double AC system, creating up to 4kW output, which is more power than a standard socket in a grid-powered building. This gives you incredibly safe and modular power possibilities in areas where grid power is unavailable.


Case Studies


A remote area has suffered severe flooding, and the people there need help. With no access to grid power, rescue and aid teams need a reliable source of power to provide lights in the surrounding huts, power equipment in the Red Cross pop-up clinic, and give the support team reliable communication throughout the disaster. Connecting several PowerCores together with the PowerBrain, the aid and rescue team has the ability to power the necessities, and provide support to the people in need.

Small Shop

When running a small shop, power cuts can not only cost you money in profits, but can also make refrigeration impossible, severely limiting what you can sell in your shop. The wall mounted PowerScout system provides you a continuous stream of energy throughout the day, ensuring you can keep the lights on and your stock cool.


Nothing can be more disastrous to a stationary clinic than an unexpected power cut. Even a short loss of power can cause medical equipment to fail, risking lives. The wall-mounted back up system from InCharge ensures that even during long blackout clinics are able to continue working. Medical equipment will continue to run, and the lights will stay on.

PowerScout System

This system can be used off-grid with grid connection as a back up power supply and when grid blackouts occur, as well as an off-grid energy system for fixed mobile applications when solar or generator power is connected. The InCharge PowerScout system connects to any grid power source and stores energy for future use during a blackout, or allows for transfer to battery storage during peak hours of electricity demand, therefore reducing energy consumption and overall costs

The system is simple. The info tells you when the PowerScout system is on standby or in use, and LED status indicator indicates when the system is fully charged, This solution is suitable for small to large energy needs, and can be used for variety of commercial and non-commercial uses such as individual apartments, homes, schools, small shops, and clinics.


The Incharge wall mounted unit should be attached to the wall using the provided wall mounts. Once mounted, connect the unit to the InCharge Energy Storage Bank with the provided Plug and Play industrial grade connectors Once your InCharge Energy Storage Bank is connected, connect the unit via your existing wiring which may include grid power, solar power, generator or wind.

Small-scale solution

The PowerScout system can be used in small-scale situations, including city apartments that need protection from blackouts. The wall-mounted unit, when paired with two batteries and optional three solar panels, can generate enough energy for up to six hours, allowing you to power a fridge, a desktop computer, a laptop computer, and lights. This solution provides 230V and 2400W AC output and a 24V, 2,4kWh storage bank.

Medium-scale solution

The wall-mounted back up system can replace a home generator for a medium scale solution to blackouts. This solution can be used in small stores, or rural homes and schools that have grid power but lack reliable service. When paired with four batteries, and optional 10 solar panels, the wall-mounted power management solution can provide up to 12 or 24 hours of power for radio, television, charging of mobiles, printers, fans, security cameras, computers, refrigeration and lights. This solution provides 230V and 3200W AC output and a 48V, 4,8kWh storage bank.

Large-scale solution

In large-scale situations, the wall-mounted management unit can be paired with four batteries and 16 solar panels to provide up to 12 hours of power to buildings and stores with larger energy needs to power gates, locks, computers, and more power intensive applications.


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